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 Network Examples
  Wireless HotSpot/FreeSpots...
      Typical HotSpot or WISP
      Hotel wireless - separate LANs for guests vs. internal
      Managed HotSpot - pages hosted externally for multiple-site use
  Internet Filter...
      Small office web filtering
      Managed networks - hosted for multiple-site use
      Multiple offices - for external and internal site use
      Redundant/multiple DNS servers - could be Active Directory integrated
      Trade-shows, Closed network, or Emergency notice
  Cellular-based Internet...
      Remote locations, Seaports
  Internal LAN + Guest LAN...
  (Multi-SSID VLAN capable APs in a corporate office, hotel, or restaurant environment)
      Firewall using two interfaces, seperate DNS Redirector servers
      Firewall using two interfaces, existing internal server for DNS Redirector
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