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FAQ 98: What is considered a concurrent client?

Category: Initial setup

Note: This article is for DNS Redirector software.

Concurrent client/user/device is interchangeable and defined as:
The total number of IP addresses which at any given time are resolving DNS through the DNS Redirector server.
Simply put, this means the total number of devices that are online at the same time.

This is NOT a cumulative total...
For example; if you had 40 clients on one day, and 90 clients on the next, and 55 clients on the following day - you do not need a 185 client license. Since the peak number of clients online was 90, that's the minimum license you need, and the closest license pack we offer is 100 simultaneous clients.

Your license should cover the peak number of simultaneous clients, plus a little room for growth...
- To determine how many clients you have today look at the DHCP server and see how many IPs are being handed out.
- For hotels our suggestion is to account for at least 4 devices per guest room (one guest will often have multiple devices).
- If you have a public restaurant or pool we suggest you add 1.5 to 2 times your maximum occupancy number for those locations.
- Waiting rooms, restaurants, and other public places should remember that neighboring business patrons may contribute to the number of clients on your hotspot.
- Corporate networks that have printers, sensors, or IP cameras within the DHCP pool should account for the fact that these devices may resolve DNS (usage statistics, NTP, firmware update, etc.) thus counting as a client in DNS Redirector.

If you go over 15% of your licensed number of clients DNS service will stop for everyone on the network. The warning (over license) and the stop (over 15% of license) are reflected in the daily log file. If a stop happens you must manually restart DNS Redirector at the server. If you want to ensure that clients who are already online are never disrupted by a stop, make sure your DHCP pool of addresses is no larger than your concurrent client license. Additional clients simply won't get an IP address, and therefore won't see your welcome site or be able to browse the Internet.

For licensing information; including multi-site use, IT consultants/system integrators, and upgrades see FAQ 2.

For the complete software license agreement see: dnsredirector.com/license

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