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FAQ 28: Providing multiple DNS servers to clients

Category: Initial setup

You might want to provide a second, or third, DNS server to network clients for redundancy or fault-tolerance. All DNS server's provided to clients should be DNS Redirector servers.

Note that client computers may randomly switch to an alternate DNS server, even when the primary is available and ready. For this reason...

- When implemented for filtering (BlockedIP= setting, as in most corporate environments) every DNS server provided to clients must be a DNS Redirector server (ideally running on physically different hardware for true redundancy).

- When implemented for captive portal (RedirectIP= setting, as in most HotSpot environments) one server running DNS Redirector must be the only DNS server provided to network clients via DHCP. This is necessary so DNS Redirector can track all clients joining/leaving the network. The only exception is; if a load balancer can direct clients to the same DNS Redirector server every time and only switch servers after one is found down.

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