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FAQ 2: Licensing DNS Redirector v7

Category: Initial setup

Your software license is good forever, meaning there are no renewal/maintenance/subscription fees for the software to keep working. Upgrade to the latest version at no cost within 2 years from the date of purchase, or at a 10% discount when over 2 years from the date of purchase. Updates to keyword lists and the updater program are free to all valid license holders.

Since DNS is critical to the operation of any network, and we don't want to aggravate system administrators, there are no activation or renewal techniques built into the licensed version.

Your concurrent client license should be big enough to support your network, see FAQ 98.
If you go over 15% of your licensed number of clients DNS service will stop for everyone on the network. The warning (over license) and the stop (over 15% of license) are reflected in the daily log file.

Licensing information for multi-site and redundancy:
Your license should be large enough to cover the total number of clients across all locations. You may place up to 10 DNS Redirector servers (using this same license) at company-owned locations. Every server over 10 must have its own 'Redundant Server Instance' software license at $100.00 each.

Licensing information for IT consultants/system integrators:
When purchasing the software on behalf of your customer enter their name/company in the second step of the online order, this is necessary to apply the license to the end-customer. Reselling or bundling the software is forbidden without prior written approval.
Upgrade information:
You should "true-up" annually when you find the number of concurrent clients has grown past your license. You can increase your license quantity by contacting support with your current license level, plus the new license level you want, and we'll send you instructions to pay the difference in cost.

For the complete software license agreement see: dnsredirector.com/license

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