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FAQ 109: What's new in DNS Redirector v7

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DNS Redirector v7.2.0.14 is the latest!
Only the latest release is supported in production/commercial environments.

v7.2.0.14 r04/2019
- Fixed problem with SRV record types
- Improved EDNS compliance

Versions below this line are no longer supported (on any OS)
You may upgrade to the latest version at no cost within 2 years from the date of purchase.
Otherwise, contact us for a discount when upgrading.

v7.2.0.11 r08/2017
- Installer updates only, no exe change
- Includes the latest setup wizard
- Includes the latest keyword updater
- Includes the latest reporting options

v7.2.0.11 r03/2017
- Fixed problem with TXT, HINFO, ISDN and X25 record types
- Improved handling of changed file detection
- Improved setup steps in consideration of Windows 10 clients

v7.2.0.8 r02/2017
- Fixed error in DailyLogs
- Fixed problem with installer on Server 2016

v7.2.0.7 r08/2016
Note: New and/or different INI settings have been added, see the readme.
- Set case sensitivity used on keyword lists
    ...default is DNSCase=Insensitive
- Replace DNS replies containing known IPs to be NXDomain response instead
    ...useful to prevent malware/viruses, and on ISPs with guide/ad/search pages for typos
- Ability to define IPv4 and/or IPv6 addresses using CIDR notation
    ...in files AuthClientsFile= or NXDForceFile=
- Removed GUI since everyone's been using the service for years now
- Improved setup wizard, reporting and IIS files now included in package
- Improved buffering of log file output
- Easier license upgrade process
- Requires .NET Framework 4.6.1
    ...performance and security enhancements (Server 2003 support is gone)

v7.1.0.1 r03/2011
Note: New and/or different INI settings have been added, see the readme.
- Ability to define multiple IPv4 and/or IPv6 addresses (comma separated)
    ...define secondary, tertiary upstream DNS servers
    ...supports DNS load sharing (multiple IPs in the answer back to clients)
- Regular expressions (regex) can be used in blocked or allowed keyword lists
- Supports larger keyword lists, loads changes without restarting the software
- Faster DNS response time <1ms
- Improved performance (really muti-threaded, runs as 32-bit or 64-bit)
- Improved logging (goes into the \DailyLogs folder)
- Improved handling of different DNS record types (A, AAAA, MX, TXT, CNAME, SOA, NS, PTR, etc.)
- Added authonline.dnsredirctrl.com lookup, see FAQ 97
- Changed JoinType= valid options are Online/Auth/Both
- Added ResetClientFile= which when looked up sets client defaults (not authorized, not bypassing the block)
- Removed TimeRestriction options, see FAQ 128
- Ability to run as a native Windows service
- No dependency on VB6 runtimes or winsock
- Requires .NET Framework 4.x

v7.0.0.3 r12/2009
v7.0.0.2 r11/2009
v7.0.0.1 r11/2009 - requires .NET Framework 2.0 SP2
v6.4.09 r08/2009 - installer updates only, no exe change
v6.4.09 r02/2009
v6.4.08 r11/2008
v6.4.07 r08/2008 - installer updates only, no exe change
v6.4.07 r05/2008
v6.4.06 r03/2008
v6.4.05 r12/2007
v6.4.04 r11/2007
v6.4.02 r10/2007
v6.3.01 r06/2006
v6.3.00 r06/2006
v6.2.04 r03/2006
v6.2.03 r03/2006
v5.4.05 r08/2005
v5.1.45 r04/2005
v5.1.08 r01/2005
v4.2.25 r09/2004
v4.0.11 r07/2004
v3.0.12 r12/2003
v2.4.00 r08/2003

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