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 FAQ 2: Licensing DNS Redirector v7
 FAQ 4: ListenOnIP error when starting the software
 FAQ 5: Block everything and allow just a few sites
 FAQ 6: Everything is blocked, but that is not my intention
 FAQ 7: Can't visit the real website after being redirected
 FAQ 12: How to flush DNS cache
 FAQ 15: Sites result in Page cannot be found
 FAQ 24: Unable to specify single DNS server on Linksys hardware
 FAQ 25: Broken images or links on the welcome page
 FAQ 26: Problems with multiple network cards
 FAQ 27: Use in a virtual server environment
 FAQ 28: Providing multiple DNS servers to clients
 FAQ 32: Not compatible with proxy server
 FAQ 33: Not compatible with Internet Connection Sharing
 FAQ 34: Prevent the use of other DNS servers
 FAQ 35: Known incompatible devices
 FAQ 37: Use when clients are behind a NAT device
 FAQ 39: Prevent the DNS Redirector server from attack
 FAQ 40: Use with OpenDNS
 FAQ 49: What makes DNS Redirector different/better?
 FAQ 51: Everything is allowed, but that is not my intention
 FAQ 52: Using updater.exe to automatically get new keywords
 FAQ 54: Use at a trade show
 FAQ 56: Catch-all page for multiple SSID or VPN hotspots
 FAQ 57: Keeping kids on track
 FAQ 58: Use during an emergency
 FAQ 59: Use for split DNS
 FAQ 61: Show the number of clients on LED digits
 FAQ 62: Get the IP or MAC of the client who just joined
 FAQ 63: Display a message on a Betabrite LED sign
 FAQ 64: Further customize OpenDNS
 FAQ 65: Best practices for speedy DNS resolution
 FAQ 67: Internet down, so show everyone a message
 FAQ 70: DNS Redirector software vs. SaaS or cloud offerings
 FAQ 71: Useful 3rd party links
 FAQ 72: Using 3rd party keywords
 FAQ 75: Create 3 tiers of blocking
 FAQ 76: Using the suggested blocked site in IIS
 FAQ 77: Logon script integration
 FAQ 79: What part of a URL is the domain name?
 FAQ 86: I found something really bad that wasn't blocked!
 FAQ 89: Use to enforce mobile users corporate security
 FAQ 90: Log only authorizations
 FAQ 91: Set Microsoft DNS service to a single IP
 FAQ 92: Set different DNS servers via Group Policy
 FAQ 97: Query the number of clients online via DNS
 FAQ 98: What is considered a concurrent client?
 FAQ 99: Enable AdminWhitelist function of the Blocked site
 FAQ 100: Enable BypassBlockADi function of the Blocked site
 FAQ 101: Client is instantly authorized, but that is not my intention
 FAQ 102: Allow DNS Redirector through any firewalls
 FAQ 103: Upgrade to DNS Redirector v7
 FAQ 105: Sites which do not exist are blocked
 FAQ 106: Use regular expressions in BlockedKeywordsFile
 FAQ 107: Problems with certain firewalls
 FAQ 108: Microsoft .NET Framework is required
 FAQ 109: What's new in DNS Redirector v7
 FAQ 110: Problems with certain routers
 FAQ 111: Using Log Parser with DNS Redirector
 FAQ 112: Use regular expressions in AllowedKeywordsFile
 FAQ 113: AP configuration in public wireless networks
 FAQ 114: Advert block list does not include some ccTLD's
 FAQ 115: Block sites from being accessed by IP address
 FAQ 116: Allow additional sites based on time of day
 FAQ 117: Use the same block page as OpenDNS
 FAQ 118: Provide alternate pages for phone/mobile device browsers
 FAQ 120: Enable MakeRequest function of the Blocked site
 FAQ 121: Useful AuthKeywordsFile additions
 FAQ 123: How to configure the SWMonDNSR Service
 FAQ 124: Software stops unexpectedly
 FAQ 125: Service will not install, or batch files will not run
 FAQ 126: Best practices for public networks
 FAQ 128: Time restriction options
 FAQ 129: NTFS permissions required
 FAQ 137: Use for self-guided tours
 FAQ 138: Non-payment notice
 FAQ 139: What to name your SSID
 FAQ 142: Valid DNS resolution paths
 FAQ 143: ClientTimeout setting explained
 FAQ 145: HTTPS website compatibility
 FAQ 147: Use with Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services)
 FAQ 148: Quickly change your network preferences
 FAQ 149: Device Self-Registration
 FAQ 150: How to backup your DNS Redirector server
 FAQ 152: Problems with Server 2012 or 2016
 FAQ 153: Using the suggested welcome site in IIS
 FAQ 154: Show the number of clients on a LCD display
 FAQ 156: Change your DNS to obtain automatically
 FAQ 157: Monitor your DNS Redirector server with PRTG
 FAQ 159: Useful AllowedKeywordsFile additions
 FAQ 160: Why DNS Redirector doesn't produce graphical statistics
 FAQ 161: Dynamic DNS block list no longer includes URL redirect services
 FAQ 162: Special considerations for Apple devices
 FAQ 163: Force Google SafeSearch or no SSL
 FAQ 164: Set different DNS servers via DHCP MAC filtering
 FAQ 165: Use DHCP option 15 to set a DNS suffix
 FAQ 166: Not all sites are blocked correctly
 FAQ 167: Force Bing SafeSearch or Classroom
 FAQ 168: Microsoft .NET optimization high CPU
 FAQ 169: Length of the URL for this request error
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