DNS Redirector

...protecting networks for over 18 years!

Captive portal Internet filtering Whitelist-only Internet

We still believe in fair software licensing... Never any subscription or mandatory renewal fees!

Software licenses are a one-time fee, based on number of concurrent clients.

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FAQ 2: Licensing DNS Redirector v7

FAQ 98: What is considered a concurrent client?

FAQ 109: What's new in DNS Redirector v7

Readme: System requirements

Every software license includes...

  • Captive portal function

  • Whitelist-only Internet function

  • Internet filter with automatic keyword updates

  • Expert technical support (phone/email/screen-sharing)

Please contact us for...

  • Adding concurrent clients to your existing license

  • Discount for K-12 schools and 501(c)(3) nonprofits

  • Discount when upgrading to the latest version