DNS Redirector

...protecting networks for over 18 years!

Captive portal Internet filtering Whitelist-only Internet

Large enterprises to small businesses leverage DNS Redirector for Internet filtering at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. Originally designed for wireless hotspots in hotels, cafes, schools and libraries; DNS Redirector was one of the first to offer captive portal and Internet filtering. DNS based filtering works for any protocol (http, https, ftp, mms, rtsp) and not just web surfing in a browser but for anything that does a DNS lookup to communicate (email, mobile apps, video, ads, even viruses and malware).

DNS Redirector runs on a Windows server with connectivity to your LAN. Redirect users to a welcome page such as terms and conditions, legal agreement/disclaimer, account login, or an advertisement/announcement the first time they try to browse the Internet on your network. Or choose to redirect all web traffic to your important notice such as in case of emergency (weather/public safety issue), AUP violation, closed network, or during maintenance.

With DNS Redirector you don't have to install or modify each workstation and there's nothing for users to disable. Works with any TCP/IP client device, providing the freedom to use whatever wireless access points, switches, or routers that you want. The software can be configured to log referring IP, date/time, attempted visits to blocked sites, or all DNS lookups. Forwards all allowed DNS queries to your internal DNS server (Active Directory), your ISP, or Google DNS, etc.

Implement any combination of features ...

• Captive portal counts visitors online vs. authorized to surf

• Extremely customizable, blocked and welcome pages are 100% editable HTML

• Logging and report options help track down problem users

• Internet filter automatically updates (no need for a subscription)

• Block or allow any domains you choose, optional whitelist-only Internet access

• Prevent viruses + malware + cryptolocker + phishing

• Mitigate threats from foreign ccTLDs and vanity TLDs

• Block https sites, any protocol, any port

• Enforce Google and Bing Safe Search

• One-time software license runs on Windows

• Nothing to install on client devices