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  Internet Filter

and/or Captive Portal

  Display a blocked page as result of any domain name matched in the keywords list. Prevent installation of file sharing/P2P clients, spyware, or other malicious software - a technique referred to as DNS sinkhole or blackhole.  Save bandwidth by blocking streaming audio/video, large downloads, or questionable material.  Restrict online games, IM, pornography, and illegal content.  Or, choose to block everything and allow only the sites you specify - known as DNS whitelist.
DNS Redirector is infinitely updateable...
Updates nightly from our free keyword files,
or block and allow any domains you choose.
 Runs on Windows server and
 works with any TCP/IP device.
  Redirect users to a welcome page such as terms and conditions, legal agreement, or account login the first time they try to browse the Internet on your network.  Also commonly used as a splash page for an advertisement or disclaimer on public/open wireless networks.  Or, choose to redirect all web traffic to your important notice such as in case of emergency (weather/public safety issue), AUP violation, closed network, or during maintenance.

Designed for wireless hotspots, hotels, cafes, schools, and libraries but applicable on any network.  With DNS Redirector you don't have to install or modify each workstation and there's nothing for users to disable.  DNS Redirector works regardless of network hardware, meaning freedom to use whatever wireless access points, switches, or routers that you want.  Logs new visitors, attempted visits to blocked sites, or all program actions.  Forwards all other DNS queries on to your internal DNS server(s), your ISP, or Google DNS / Norton DNS / OpenDNS.
Compare DNS filtering solutions: We've been protecting networks everywhere for over 12 years.

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